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Sandringham Reserve

Sandringham Reserve, tucked in the heart of an ethnic eatery area, received a makeover in 2016. As project artist I pitched a 'Neighbourhood Picnic' concept where the park invited locals to bring their takeaways to picnic in the park.

A picnic area was installed with patterned concrete picnic rugs, and permanent, decorative, fibreglass table cloths. The park was dressed and ready for picnicing 24/7.

I worked with a group of children from the local school to produce a pebble mosaic Rangoli which acted as a welcome invite to the reserve. The pathway in from the Rangoli led to a central gathering point with a stage for community events.

Shooting down another path leads you to the picnicing area which is located next to a fenced playground with a focus on natural and recycled materials.

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